2022 Is The Year To Buy A Franchise With 1-800 WATER DAMAGE 

2022 Is The Year To Buy A Franchise With 1-800 WATER DAMAGE 

The Year of the Franchise

Get ready, because 2022 is shaping up to be one for the record books for franchises. But don’t let us tell you – take it from Forbes, one of the most well-known publications out there.

“The last 18 to 24 months of the pandemic have been challenging for many businesses, but as we head into 2022, data shows the franchise industry is thriving,” Forbes recently wrote. “After nearly two years of economic uncertainty, more and more people are following their entrepreneurial dreams and taking control of their destiny through business ownership.”

Aspiring entrepreneurs are choosing franchises because it helps alleviate the risks and unknowns of starting a new business from scratch. Franchise systems provide an estimate of initial and ongoing investments, resources to help find employees, brand awareness, and marketing support. Not to mention, franchise systems offer a tried and true business model that removes the guesswork that comes with starting your own business.

“As a result, interest in franchising is reaching an unprecedented high, and 2022 is set to be a year of major franchise growth,” Forbes said.

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Why Buy a Franchise with 1-800 WATER DAMAGE?

1-800 WATER DAMAGE is a leading name in the $23 billion restoration services industry, with more than 100 locations across the country. Time and again, when disaster strikes, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE is the brand that home and property owners trust to be the first on-the-scene and get the job done right, 24/7.

Our expertly trained teams respond to anything from water and flood damage, fire and smoke damage, sewage clean-up, mold remediation, and critical cleaning & sanitizing services. If there’s a property damage crisis, we’re there.

With natural disasters and aging infrastructure causing various problems for homes and commercial buildings across the country, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE’s services are consistently in high demand, and that isn’t slated to change any time soon. We also stand out among competitors because we’re committed to providing top-quality property restoration solutions, working with integrity, and going above and beyond for the homeowner.

Easy to Convert an Existing Business

For so many independent water restoration business owners who are not quite meeting their bigger financial or operational goals, one great option to help infuse new growth into a business is to convert into a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise.

Starting a business from scratch involves all sorts of uncertainties and risks, with the rate of survival  low. Buying into a franchise system, however, brings an incredible amount of resources and support, brand awareness, marketing assistance, and other operational necessities that help take some of the load off the individual operator. At 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, we take pride in giving our franchisees all the benefits of a franchise system, while still allowing them to run the show and maintain their style and sense of individual business ownership.

Water Damage is a Constant Problem

It seems everyday in the news is another report of a natural disaster–be it hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, or wildfires. Most scientific evidence is pointing out that more extreme weather events are likely to become the norm, which means the restoration industry’s critical services have never been in higher demand, and that’s not going to slow down. The World Meteorological Organization, for instance, recently reported the number of disasters has increased by a factor of five over a 50-year period.

Add in the fact that America’s aging infrastructure continues to deteriorate, and you can see why the restoration service industry is experiencing unprecedented investment from aspiring entrepreneurs looking for strong and reliable opportunities.

“The need for our services becomes immediately apparent once you open for business,” says Tim Fagan, Brand President of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE. “If you’re looking for a business that lets you work hands-on, become a leader, build relationships and truly help people during some of the worst times in their lives, this is the business for you. It’s also recession-resistant – I’ve made it through several recessions in this business because our services are not a want for a homeowner, they’re a need.”

Franchise Support from BELFOR Franchise Group

By franchising with 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, you get the full support of BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the largest residential and commercial services franchisors in the world. With a successful franchise history spanning more than 40 combined years, BELFOR Franchise Group is committed not only to helping entrepreneurs establish successful businesses, but also to providing them with opportunities for continued growth.

Our franchisees have immediate access to a turnkey business model with a record of success, as well as unlimited support for all aspects of their business, including marketing, training, and customer service. On top of that, being part of BELFOR Franchise Group brings with it the reputation of one of the most trusted names in service, cleaning, maintenance, and restoration franchising.

Buy a Franchise in 2022 Today!

With the brand, reputation, and experience that comes with 1-800 WATER DAMAGE, our franchisees have all the resources they need to thrive in a $23 billion industry.

If you’re looking to buy a franchise in an in-demand industry that makes a difference every day, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE is for you! To start a conversation with our franchise team, fill out our form here, and we’ll be in touch with more information. We can’t wait to meet you and help reach your dreams of business ownership!