1-800 WATER DAMAGE Franchise Capitalizing On Surge In Business

1-800 WATER DAMAGE Franchise Capitalizing On Surge In Business

As shuttered facilities come back online, untreated issues create a need for the services a water damage restoration franchise is ready to provide

Business owners of all sizes are thrilled to have the “open” sign facing outward on their doors. However, many of them are finding that while they were away, water had its way with the facilities — and now they need help.

Enter a team from their local 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise. These trained professionals are ready to dive in and tackle everything from serious water damage from broken pipes to the lesser, but still important, issues from slow drips and the resulting standing and/or creeping water.

A trustworthy brand backed by experience

As local businesses and economies reopen, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE water cleanup franchise owners are getting lots of calls and emails. This is because 1-800 WATER DAMAGE has a reputation for fairness, honesty, and getting the job done as promised.

That peace of mind for customers is due to the solid reputation of BELFOR Franchise Group, one of the nation’s largest networks of cleaning and restoration brands. BELFOR’s industry-leading performance means that 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise owners can easily get referrals from hundreds of satisfied customers for new clients, who in turn provide positive reviews themselves.

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Comprehensive training ensures readiness for all types of jobs

It’s also important to note that “water damage” can mean a lot of things. Broken or cracked pipes, a blown water heater, backed-up sewer, groundwater seepage into basements and foundations, and more. That’s why the team at BELFOR puts so much emphasis on comprehensive onboarding coupled with ongoing training.

Every 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise owner and their teams are trained in multiple types of remediation processes. Even if you don’t have any experience with this type of work, no problem. Our system will help you become efficient and grow your expertise. That’s why so many first-time business owners are looking at a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise now because in an unprecedented business climate, it really is the perfect time to get on board.

A 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise is one of the most affordable businesses to own in the property restoration industry. The total investment for a standard franchise ranges from $102,422 to $191,987. These costs include everything from equipment, vehicles and access to our state-of-the-art training platform. You also have the option to convert your existing business with an investment ranging from $39,613 to $170,137.

Interested in becoming a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise owner?

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