Perfect Time To Become A 1-800 WATER DAMAGE Franchise Owner

Perfect Time To Become A 1-800 WATER DAMAGE Franchise Owner

1-800 WATER DAMAGE, an evergreen opportunity for entrepreneurs

Depending on where you are in the United States, there’s almost always a “season” with some alarming overtones. Fire season, tornado season, hurricane season – you name it. None are fun for home and commercial property owners, yet they are all reasons why owning a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE restoration franchise is a sound business investment.

Owning a water damage restoration franchise doesn’t make you a “storm chaser.” Actually, it’s the opposite. There are many opportunistic vendors in this market who don’t do what they say, leaving consumers in the lurch after work that is poorly done, or never completed. Thanks to the solid reputation of BELFOR Franchise Group, of which 1-800 WATER DAMAGE is a part of, franchise owners can point to decades of consistent, reliable and top-notch customer service.

A valuable, and valued, community service

That reputation matters in communities, whether they are in “Tornado Alley,” the Gulf Coast or anywhere else in the United States. A fire, sewer backup or other issue totally unrelated to weather can create a nightmare for a property owner anywhere. Knowing who to call, and what to expect, gives them huge peace of mind.

That’s why 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise owners are trained in remediation processes, marketing and brand-awareness building. They speak to chambers of commerce, community groups, neighborhood associations and more, thus ensuring that residents and business owners have their number ready if they ever need it.

1-800 Water Damage franchisee with van

An evergreen business that grows over time

Sure, weather may have seasons, but the fact is that water damage can happen anywhere, at any time. 1-800 WATER DAMAGE water cleanup franchises never lack for business and grow over time thanks to strong word of mouth from satisfied clients. Right now, 1-800 WATER DAMAGE still has plenty of room to grow. This is an ample opportunity for entrepreneurs to capitalize on prime markets.

A 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise is one of the most affordable businesses to own in the property restoration industry. The total investment for a standard franchise ranges from $70,822 to $211,537. These costs include everything from equipment, vehicles and access to our state-of-the-art training platform. You also have the option to convert your existing business with an investment ranging from $57,613 to $175,637.

Interested in becoming a 1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise owner?

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