Featured in Franchising USA: 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Portland Shows Support for Military Members

Featured-in-Franchising-USA-1-800-WATER-DAMAGE-of-Portland-Shows-Support-for-Military-Members-Chiodos1-800 WATER DAMAGE franchise businesses across the country are proud to show support and gratitude year-round for the humble heroes who help make our local communities and beyond truly enjoyable places to live and work.

Jim and Pam Chiodo, devoted owners of 1-800 WATER DAMAGE of Vancouver, a property restoration company, and Blue Kangaroo Packoutz of Vancouver and North Portland, which focuses on contents restoration services, are deeply passionate about building meaningful relationships with community members. This dynamic duo recently shared how they’ve been able to connect with and support local veterans and military members in Franchising USA.

With two restoration businesses, we’ve always had a healthy respect for history and its mementos. Our businesses allow us to connect with many individuals in our area, but notably, we have connected with and served many veterans.” – Jim Chiodo, Owner

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